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Proposal of 'coup' accepted by commission

3 May
11:43 2016

ANKARA (DİHA) - AKP's proposal to add a temporary clause to the Constitution to lift immunities for MPs with previous probes has been passed by the Constitutional Commission with AKP, CHP and MHP votes.

HDP had left the commission that turned into a discussion of a coup under the guise of lifting parliamentary immunities and faced physical attacks by the AKP. The "coup" session of the Constitutional Commission was marked by HDP's decision to withdraw. HDP Mardin MP Mithat Sancar took the stand and gave a historic speech.

Sancar said, "History will be judged by the people. We will be judged on what we have tried to say, why we are here. We have nothing to fear. We have nothing to lose. The only thing we can lose, is the hope of this nation for peace and democracy. We will lose nothing. It is a medal of honor for us to be imprisoned by a decree coming out of this commission. We have resisted all this injustice for peace and democracy. But you have turned the physical environment into the most vile one possible. All the attacks are in the records. All will be seen as to who did what. You have prevented our words from being heard in an effective manner. We asked what the rush was for, and you failed to answer. We know the reason, you have received orders and are rushing to pass this article. We have said our piece. From this point on, this stage has turned into one of farce. We will not be a part of this. You will be convicted in the consciousness of history." and announced the HDP had decided to withdraw from the commission.

HDP deputies abandoned the hall amid slogans of resistance.


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