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Demirtaş: Our self-rule demand should be seen by entire world

23 December
17:53 2015

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş said their meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was positive, and also witnessed a discussion of Kurdish people's demand to exist with self-rule status. Remarking that Kurds have retaken to stage of history, he said they want to play a part to help overcome the crisis between Russia and Turkey.

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) General Co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş spoke to ANF after the meeting which was also attended by DBP co-chair Kamuran Yüksek, HDP executive in charge of Foreign Relations Nazmi Gür, KNK's Russia representative Selahattin Soro, Russia Kurds' National and Cultural Federal Autonomy co-chair Ferhat Patiyev and Association of Kurdish Social Institutions co-chair Merab Şamıyev.

Pointing to the crisis in Turkey-Russia relations after the downing of the Russian jet, Demirtaş said this crisis also has a political and economic influence on the Middle East. “We as HDP told the Russian FM that we believe this crisis shouldn't have an impact on investors, businessmen, workers and students”, he noted.

'Kurdish people's demand for self-rule should be seen'

HDP co-chair stressed that Turkey is going through a process of change-transformation, adding; "We defend that this change should also enable a pluralist democracy and freedom of all identities, cultures and faith groups. On the other hand, the AKP mindset is making an effort to drive this change-transformation to a one-man, racist, religious and sectarian course. The political competition between these two courses of change causes an ideological dispute, rivalry and tension as well. We share our views in this regard with all international public opinion. We told about this approach of our party to the Russian side, too."

Demirtaş emphasised that the Kurdish question in Turkey has reached a very critical phase, saying the followings; "While the Kurdish people's fair demand for self-rule proves to be a legitimate demand, the AKP government wages a a policy of suppression and genocide through a harsh intervention with the participation of troops. We believe that Kurdish people's demand to exist with self-rule status in Turkey should be seen by the entire world public opinion. We also convey this view to those we talk to.”

'Kurds retake to stage of history'

Regarding the developments in Syria, HDP co-chair said the followings; "The situation in Syria has also reached a significant point with the discussion of a new constitution at the moment. As HDP we have defended commitment to a constitution that guarantees the existence and freedom of all identities, colors and faiths of the Syrian community. ISIS and all other Al-Qaeda affiliated organisations are subjecting these diversities to hostile barbarity, in response to which the Kurdish people in Syria are mounting bravest resistance. For this very reason, recognition of the Kurdish people and their existence is a key factor for the future of Syria with regards to the resolution of the Syrian issue and achievement of peace in the Middle East."

Demirtaş remarked that Kurds will become a prominent actor in the Middle East in the next century, and no power should approach them over a tactical relation, which Kurds will never accept. He added; "Kurds will become a major political and democratic force in the new century. As a matter of fact, Kurds- as a side proposing a third path for the resolution of the sectarian and identity conflicts- are retaking to the stage of history. International powers should see this reality and form their policies and relations with Kurds accordingly. We state this point very clearly during our talks."

Demirtaş said they want to undertake a role for the resolution of the Russia-Turkey crisis through dialogue and diplomatic ways because "our policies side with conflict neither inside nor outside the country".

'AKP staggers in every regard'

Describing Turkey's downing of a Russian jet as a wrong decision, HDP co-chair said; "The Turkish President pursued a quite inconsistent policy on this point. He first said it was a true decision, and later started to stagger, saying that 'We wouldn't have downed the jet if we had known it was a Russian one'. After that, he said 'it is the pilot's mistake'. These inconsistent policies make it very difficult to find a solution. AKP manifests an unprincipled approach that staggers in every regard. On the other hand, the principled stance of our party catches the attention of Turkey's peoples and the international community. In addition, Kurdish people mount substantial resistance in this very much challenging period. They are fighting bravely in Shengal, Kobanê and every inch of Rojava, and the whole world respects it. HDP's close relations with the Kurdish people as well as the society and political movements in Rojava and South Kurdistan do also grab attention. HDP wants to use all these means for the achievement of peace in Turkey and the region. Russia also watches and supports this attitude of ours."

'We will easen the passport issue'

HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş said the meeting with Russian FM was positive, adding the followings; "We have made an attempt to help all those with a Turkish passport in Russia, including students, workers, employers and investors. We have talked about this issue in detail and we will make a headway in this regard."


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