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Til Temir attack 'manifests end of gangs'

13 December
13:28 2015

QAMISHLO (DIHA) - PYD (Democratic Union Party) Assembly has released a statement about the bomb attacks that hit Til Temir city of Rojava, West Kurdistan, Thursday evening. A total of 28 civilians lost their lives and 120 others were wounded as a result of triple bomb attacks by gang groups.

PYD Assembly stated that Til Temir attacks against civilian population have once again proved the gangs to be enemies of humanity as they targeted the autonomous administration and co-existence of peoples achieved owing to the Rojava Revolution.

Stressing that Til Temir attacks cannot be assessed as independent from the ongoing crisis in Syria, PYD warned that similar assaults will continue by deepening unless a resolution is found to stop it.

'Policy of gang groups has once again revealed itself in Til Temir'

Drawing attention to the Democratic Syria Congress held in Dêrik on 8-9 December, PYD said; "This congress was very important as it showed us that popular revolution and free thought cannot be destroyed. People have never taken a step backwards in the face of savage attacks by gangs and every kind of embargo, and they keep working for reconstruction. The policy of gang groups and their supporters, which has failed in the face of this change, has once again revealed itself in the attacks against Til Temir."

PYD vehemently condemned the barbaric attack against civilians in Til Temir, and vowed in loyalty to martyrs to keep the struggle going until a free society is made permanent in Rojava and Syria.

The Party Assembly ended its statement by offering condolences to the families of victims, and a speedy recovery to all those wounded in the triple bomb attacks.


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