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Youths ready for 'revolution' and 'self-governance'

12 December
18:14 2015

-URFA (DİHA) - Students from the Harran University Students Association (HÖDER) declare that attendance to the DEM-GENÇ (Confederation of Democratic Youth) congress in Diyarbakir to be carried out tomorrow will be strong, saying that they are ready for revolution and self-governance.

The congress in Diyarbakir was planned to be on the 29th of November but was shifted to a further date (13th of December) due to the assassination of Diyarbakir bar association president and Kurdish human rights lawyer Tahir Elçi.

Dozens of youths from various cities are expected to attend the congress tomorrow. Youths, that'll come together at the Kayapınar Sport’s Hall, will debate on how a free life can be built, how communes are to be made, how co-operatives are to be created and how alternativity in the system with their assembly and organization can be made.

‘A new identity, a new life’

The congress is to unite Kurdish youth surrounded by the capitalist system whilst creating them a new identity. Members from the HÖDER say that attendance to the congress will be high. Dilan Kutlu (22) and Doğan Oğraş (21) state that the congress will hold credibility for the "self-power" and "self-rule" that is to be made.

Oğraş, who will attend the congress with a number of 300 youths from the city of Urfa mentions that youth will take responsibility for their people and cause, with the congress being historical. "Kurdish youth is ready for revolution and self-governance" said Oğraş.

On the other hand, Kutlu summed up the role of young women through her words "Young women will undergo the process with their fight for reform with great leadership".