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KCK declares inaction BREAKING NEWS

10 October
15:03 2015

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency has released a statement declaring inaction on condition that no attacks are carried out against the Kurdish movement, people and guerrilla forces.

The statement said this decision was made in consideration of the calls made for a truce from both inside and outside Turkey as the conflict gets heavier and the AKP resorts to a lie that the Kurdish movement threatens the security of elections, also trying to cover the causes of the war it has started.

The statement by KCK said that; “During this process, our guerrilla forces will avoid conducting planned actions, will be engaged in no activities apart from maintaining its current position, and make no attempts to hinder or harm the exercise of a fair and equal election.”

KCK underlined that all the international forces, states and circles in Turkey that have called for a ceasefire in order for the realization of elections in a healthy environment, must follow this process closely and play their roles, manifest the necessary sensibility and make an intervention when necessary.

"Beyond any doubt, democracy forces must manifest a democratic attitude in the face of probable attacks that would target our people's will for self-rule in this process. Democracy forces and our people must not allow the loosening of the process and the spirit of resistance in the event of an attack against the Kurdish people."

KCK said; "The revolutionist and democratic forces of Turkey, and all those bearing responsibility towards the peoples of Turkey must see that our attitude entirely serves Turkey's democratization, peace and stability. It will not be possible to achieve a lasting peace and stability in Turkey unless all the major problems in the country, the Kurdish question in the first place, are resolved. From this point of view, all the revolutionist and democratic forces and all those bearing responsibility towards the peoples of Turkey must make big efforts and struggle in order to lead Turkey to the path of democratization through an elimination of the authoritarian, hegemonic and repressive policies. It wouldn't put forward a lasting solution to the problems by only expecting self-sacrifice from our side in an atmosphere where the existence of our people is not recognized and their freedom is not ensured."

KCK said the Kurdish movement believed that an embracement of the June 7 election's results, and progression of these gains will create significant developments with regards to Turkey's democratization and resolution of all the problems.

"In this regard, we call upon all democracy forces to manifest their attitude clearly in order for the achievement of democratization and a permanent resolution to the problems", KCK said.


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