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Socialist youths on their way to Kobanê

20 July
13:44 2015

URFA (DİHA) - Members of the Socialist Youth Associations Federation (SGDF), which has been leading the “We defended Kobanê together, we will build it together!” campaign, are on their way to the war-torn town of West Kurdistan, Rojava, to help reconstruction. SGDF members will rebuild the museum built by Rıfat Horoz (Karker Kobanê) who fell as a martyr recently.

Members of the SGDF from a number of cities including İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara and Amed, have reached Suruç district of Urfa bordering Kobanê this morning. Police teams were stopped soon after entering the Suruç district in the morning. BEKSAV member Emrah İlingir and Servet Toygar were taken into custody on the grounds of a “search warrant”.

The socialist youths who are currently waiting at Amara Culture Center had a breakfast and talks with the families of BÖG (United Forces of Freedom) Commander Bedrettin Akdeniz (Suphi Şoreş) and YPJ member Leyla Doğan (Leyla Nisêbîn) who both fell in the battle against ISIS in Serêkaniyê and Kobanê.

The SGDF members are being accompanied by members and executives of the HDP (People's Democratic Party), ESP (Socialist Party of the Oppressed) and BEKSAV (Science Education Artistic Culture and Arts Research Foundation) as well as sports fans and members Anarchist Activity.

The youths will head to the border to cross into Kobanê where they will be taking part in the works for reconstruction.