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Victims of Circassian Genocide commemorated

17 May
12:38 2015

KOCAELİ (DİHA) - The Federation of Caucasian Unions commemorated the victims of 21 May 1864 Circassian Genocide.

A remembrance action was held at Kefken within the pioneering of the Federation of Caucasian Unions for the victims of 21 May 1864 Circassian Genocide. Apart from Maraş, Kocaeli, Sivas, Samsun, Mersin, İstanbul, Ankara Caucasian culture unions, also heads and executives of Adana Circassian Culture Union, Düzce Adige Culture Union, Bursa Circassian Culture Union, Yalova Circassian Culture Union, Çarşamba Circassian Culture Union joined the action.

The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Kocaeli, Sakarya, Bursa provincal co-chairs and deputy candidates also participated into the action. The crowd, carrying flags and placards, firstly visited Abaza Cemetery in Karaağaç Village.

The banners reading "Exile of Circassian 1864", "Our discrepancy is our wealth, our power and our unity", and "The say is alwyas of resisters" were hung to the square of remembrance.

'Let such pains occur never again'

Federation of Caucasian Unions General Head Yaşar Aslankaya spoke on behalf of the mass and said, "Our biggest wish is an end to such pains. Let such pains occur never again. We thank everybody for joining us with this commemoration".

World Abhaz Abazin Congress General Secretary Geradi Lamiya also spoke and underlined, "Current political mentalities and those in the past must be analyzed well. Imperialistic powers salughtered our peoples."

Fire of Nart started

In the wake of speeches, the citizens prayed in Adige language and Turkish for the victims. The crowd of people marched towards Babalı coast and left garland on the ground of genocide.


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