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Kurdish youth initiates rush of 'Xwedi Derkeve'

4 April
10:22 2015

URFA (DİHA) - The celebration of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan's birthday at the Parqa Azadiyê ya 4'ê Nîsanê (4 April Freedom Square) in Halfeti district of Urfa held amid a great excitement of hundred thousands of people at the evening hours of Friday.

Over hundred thousands of people carried the posters of Kurdish leader anc cried out his freedom in their slogans. Dozens of illuminated flags of PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) enlightened the area as a massive placard reading "Happy birthday to you, Leader" was hung to a nearby building.

Also, the youngs started a firebrand march with the banner reading "Enough is enough, freedom for Öcalan" towards the scene. A cinevision show on Öcalan's life was scened as the youngs exhilirated the mass with "Freedom for Öcalan" slogans.

Letter of political inmates read

The letters of imprisoned members of PKK and PAJK (Kurdistan Woman's Freedom Party) read by Deniz Kaya and Kajin Peri were read at the square. TUHAD-FED, a group that organizes legal support for families of political prisoners, member Salih Tekin read the letter and stated, "We are renewing our dignity to the Great Leader Öcalan who has brought to these days. We are endeavouring tob act on with the conscious of democratic modernity. We are following the process of general elections closely amid four walls. We believe that HDP will attain a historical success. Kurdish people and democracy powers in Turkey will reach a victory with the spirit of mobilization. We want to be among with you now longingly. We want to celebrate the birthday of leadership with you. And we are saying that happy birthday to you, our leader".

Rush of 'Xwedi Derkeve' by youngs

Later on, a joint statement of Democratic Society Congress, DBP, DEM-YÖM (Democratic Patriotic Student Assembly) and Young Woman assemblies. "Happy celebrations of birth of our sun for all of our people" Gulê Yaray read the statement and went on, "The hope for free Kurdistan, free Middle East, free world has begun to bush out with the birth of Öcalan. Öcalan has recreated a people from the ashes. As the piooners of Kurdistan revolution, we are initiating the rush of 'Xwedi derkeve (Stake out a claim)' against the dirty polies of the enemy. Our people's owning up this rush is vital for this new rush."

'Women will piooner the rush'

Yaray said, "It is vital for women to launch such a rush against rape, harassment and woman massacres. The rush of young women will develop under the motto of 'improve your self-defense, stake out a claim to your woman identity'. The solution of all sorts of colonial policies will improve through the freedom and organisation of women."

She invited all the women and youth to adopt the rush of "Xwedi derkeve".