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Ciwanên Azad to hold 2nd congress

27 March
09:37 2015

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - Kurdish youth living in Europe are preparing to hold the second congress of Ciwanên Azad in Cologne on 28 March.

The aim of the congress of the European Kurdish Youth Organisation, Ciwanên Azad, is to extend the organisational structure of the youth and to gather the local youth organisations under one umbrella. The organising committee has said in a written statement regarding the preparations of the congress that “Democratic Ciwanên Azad movement is a youth organisation that actively struggles against capitalist modernity”. The statement stressed that the capitalist system today aims to take the youth under its influence in order to maintain its existence as has always done by the hegemonic powers in history, adding that the duty of the European youth living at the centre of capitalist modernity is to reject the imposed order and life on youth by denouncing the culture of drugs, gangs, or prostitution.

The statement said Ciwanên Azad takes a confederative structure as its basis to bring the youth together in a democratic way to build an ecologist, democratic system based on women’s liberation. This is why, said the statement, Ciwanên Azad can be seen as a European Democratic Free Youth Confederation. The statement further stressed that it was primarily the youth and women who have struggled in Rojava to build a democratic nation and a free life based on the paradigm of democratic autonomy developed by the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, adding that the duty of the youth is to continue the struggle that Arin Mirkan initiated by sacrificing herself in Kobane.

The statement said a large group of youth from different parts of Europe is expected to participate in the congress, adding that all preparations have been completed. The statement also reported that the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan is sending a message to the congress as well as the co-presidency of the KCK. The congress will be attended by Batman HDP deputy Ayla Akat Ata and KCD-E co-chair. The congress will elect an assembly of 51 persons as well as passing resolutions for the new period.

The congress will take place at the following address: Ezgi Center Stolberg str. 317 5093.