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'I see freedom and liberation in PKK'

30 January
14:39 2015

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - PKK’s defence of Kurdistan lands in Rojava and South Kurdistan against the attacks of ISIS gangs has resulted in a positive influence that made the youth of South Kurdistan turn their faces to the mountains. Sources say that participation of South Kurdistan youths of different ages, classes and professional occupations to the PKK ranks has increased recently.

One of those youths is Darin Kirkuk (27) from Kirkuk, married and father of three. Darin told ANF that he was a police officer before he joined the PKK ranks, and that Darin, his nom de guerre, is actually the name of his child. Answering the question regarding the reason for his participation to PKK, he said “I knew members of the PKK for long time and always had sympathy to them. I can say that I see the freedom and liberation in the PKK”. Darin Kirkuk went on saying that he could no longer sit and wait while there were taking place savage attacks on Kurdistan and added: “PKK is the place to fight bravely and without fears. I believe that we will achieve victory here. This is why I wanted to become a freedom guerrilla for whom I always had sympathy. PKK is the most seriously power struggling in the Middle East”.

Commenting on how he fell into conflict with himself as he was a police officer before his participation, Darin Kirkuk said “I had these conflicts before. Seeing the fact that I didn't have a very beneficial effect against the cruelty imposed on the Kurdish people, I realized that I had to take a decision. It is the PKK that is the most effective and determined organisation of the 21th century always standing by the people."

Diran Kirkuk called on the youth of Kurdistan to actively take part in the Kurdistan Liberation Movement against the attacks on their lands, adding that each person taking this way is of utmost value to him.