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Derwêşê Evdî Academy: Training center for YBŞ fighters

15 January
12:42 2015

SHNEGAL (DİHA) - Derwêşê Evdî Academy in Sinjar has been providing military and ideological instruction to the Êzidî people fighting the ranks of the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBS, Yekîneyên Berxwedana Şengalê) for the future and freedom of their land.

YBŞ Spokesperson Kawar Şengalî remarked that training cycles continue at the Derwêşê Evdî Academy, noting that political and military concentration also influenced the activities of training. Stressing that the YBŞ needed to be strengthened in order for the Êzidî people to defend their homeland, Şengalî said that the Academy would help boost the motivation of the fighters. According to the YBŞ spokesperson, the Êzidî youths have no more right to stay in refugee camps and to built a future based on a leave from their homeland.

'Our own defense force must be strengthened'

Egîd Şengal from the administration of the Academy noted that a training cycle organised in the name of Martyr Baran has recently started with an aim to enable the concepts of resistance, success, righteousness and sacredness to be realised in practice. Şengal said that the Êzidî Kurds wanted for the first time in their history to establish and strengthen their self-defense force, adding: “We ask the Êzidî mothers and fathers to not to hinder the youths anymore. As the enemy is endeavouring to destroy us, we have no right to ask anyone to defend and liberate Sinjar. Our own defense force must be strengthened and carried on in order to defend Sinjar.”

Pointing out that the fighters who receive training at the Academy improved themselves and attained a vision in both military and political terms, Şengalî stressed that: "They are looking forward to liberate Sinjar from dishonorable and infidel gangs. We provide training between 15 days and one month as the fighting in our homeland is continuing."

'We want to defend our land, honour and dignity'

YBŞ fighter Xebat Şengalî who is attending a training cycle at the Academy told that: "We joined the YBŞ because we want to defend our land, honour and dignity. We are being provided with military and ideological instruction at the Academy and we believe that every single Êzidî youth should one day be able to become a Derwêş [the hero of a Êzidî epic] and resist.”

Call on all Êzidî youngs

Another fighter Arya Şengalî who described the YBŞ as the "defense force of our religion, Êzdîxan, honour and dignity" called on all the Êzidî youths to come back and join the resistance, adding: "Our land and honour is being trampled on and the Mount Sinjar is screaming. Youths should join and strengthen the YBŞ in order to defend their religion, culture and honour. I call on mothers and father to not to prevent their children from coming back to their homeland."