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YPG: Kobanê resistance continues on three fronts

7 October
17:06 2014

KOBANÊ (DİHA) - The YPG (People's Protection Units) Press Centre has released a statement providing information about the ongoing clashes in the Kobanê town of West Kurdistan, Rojava, where ISIS gangs continue to suffer heavy losses despite using advanced heavy weaponry in their intensified attacks targeting the town for the last 22 days.

YPG Press Centre reported that clashes intensified in the Botan and Megtel neighborhoods and the hills of the Miştenur hill on the southern and eastern fronts, and in the Kaniya Kurdan region in northeast. The statement remarked that YPG forces have inflicted a heavy blow on the gangs that have launched heavy attacks from three sides with an aim to enter the town under intense bombardment.

YPG noted that an attack launched by the gangs from the Kaniya Kurdan region this morning has been repulsed, and that hand-to-hand fighting continues in all areas as ISIS gangs are launching attacks targeting the town centre with tanks and cannons. According to the statement, YPG forces destroyed two vehicles of ISIS, with many militants inside, in an action they carried out behind the Miştenur hill last night. A tank belonging to the gangs was also destroyed in Miştenur area today afternoon.

As much as has been ascertained, 67 gang members were killed in the last 24 hours of clashes, YPG Press Centre said. YPG said a fighter of their forces has fallen defending Kobanê during last night's clashes.


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