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Kurdish primary school in Cizre also sealed

16 September
12:42 2014

ŞIRNAK (DİHA) - On the second day of the 2014-2015 education term, Kurdish children who want to be educated in their mother tongue are continuing to boycott the schools.

The one-week school boycott initiated under the leadership of the KCK language and training committee, TZP-Kurdi, KURDİ DER, Mala Piştgiriyê ya Zimanê Kurdî (MAPER), Education Union, Human Rights Association, KESK, DTK, DBP and HDP started yesterday when also three schools were opened in Amed, Cizre and Yüksekova to provide education in Kurdish language. Authorities in Turkey, where elective Kurdish lessons at state schools was offered as a “historic step”, couldn't tolerate even for one day the schools built and prepared for service by local people across North Kurdistan to provide Kurdish education.

The Turkish judiciary mobilized yet before children sat in the rows at the 3 schools starting education in Kurdish language yesterday, the Bêrîvan primary school in Cizre, Üveyş primary school in Yüksekova and Ferzad Kemanger primary school in Amed. The Dibistana Seretayî a Berîvan (Berîvan Primary School), which was opened under the initiative of Kurdi-Der, TZP and Eğitim Sen, was sealed after the public prosecutor of Şırnak launched an investigation in the scope of the Turkish penal code articles “opening an unpermitted educational institution” and “committing crime on behalf of an illegal organization”.

The school was sealed on the first day of the new school term after hundreds of riot and plainclothes police raided the school accompanied by a number of armored cars and riot control vehicles. Administrators and students at the school, as well as their families, have started sit-in outside the building.


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