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Mother Uveys Primary School also sealed

16 September
11:36 2014

HAKKARİ (DİHA) - The Dibistana Seretayî a Dayika Uveyş (Mother Uveys Primary School) was occupied by dozens of police officers and then sealed by police in accordance with the verdict of prosecutory.

The Mother Uveys Primary School was opened by KURDÎ-DER (Kurdish Language Development and Research Union) in Esenyurt neighbourhood of Yüksekova (Gever) district of Hakkari on Monday to provide Kurdish education. The Kurdish school was sealed by police in accordance with the verdict of the Public Prosecution Office.

The Public Prosecution Office initiated an investigation towards the school at the noon hours of Monday. Then, lots of armoured vehicles of police circled the school at the early hours of day. Police officers entered the school and met with the officials here. Police officers closed the school in accordance with the verdict of prosecutory and sealed it.

Later on, KURDÎ-DER and Party of Democratic Regions (DBP) executives came to school.


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